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2016 dragon-01

Yes, my website is in French. The reason is simply because my apps are focused on French speaking people. My first apps were created in French, my publications as well.  My learning concepts are not related to any specific language and even though I’m proud of my writing skills in French, I need to compose some posts in English in order to broadcast this experience widely.

First a few words about gamification. I love this word. It’s like a merge between mystification and gaming. Like you have entered into another universe and are surrounded by gamers and dragons. It’s kind of a magic world, but for learning.

The idea is that you learn whilst you play.

I need to clarify some points :  gamification is not fake. It’s not just a normal cursus with some animated gifts embedded.

Gamification teaches you something specific without boring you. For example : when you play a video game, you don’t need to read a 100 page tutorial before starting. You will learn though out the stages of the game whatever new features are available.

Transposing this method in order to teach knowledge is really complicated, you need to find a game to support the knowledge. The game needs to be entertaining, not too basic, not too complicated and contain simple gestures to maintain the user’s focus.

The game needs to offer tutorials, in case an user wishes to dive deeper into a specific content.

Learning methods are another difficulty. They are various and need to coexist so that the user can decide inside the game which one is the most appropriate for them. It’s important that several learning methods are included in a program and they need to be accessible to the user without any cost.

The user would like to try again and again? That’s ok.

The user would like an explanation before making a choice? Great

The user would like a quick check before validating their action. Nice!

That is my vision of gamification.

Should you like to indulge in some free examples : Check out BattaKlang to learn 1.000 Luxembourgish words (available on AppStore and on Google Play) or BattaKing to learn 1.000 English words (also available on AppStore and Google Play)

I am keen to get your feed-back.

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